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The Grow System

Fresh, Organic, Sustainable, and Living are the rules that define our farm grown products. Our trademarked Living Salad, Greens, Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs are grown from organic seeds here on our farm. Most of our produce is sent to market with roots attached and still living, allowing for a fresher product and a longer shelf life. We procure the finest organic medium made from fallen tree bark for our seedling beds, and allow the beneficial bacteria within to feed our healthy roots. For our bio-filtering grow beds, we’ve chosen to use a local, natural lightweight Shale for water filtration (instead of inorganic mined clay hydro ton from other parts of the world). Future Foods Farms Patent Pending Non-Recirculating Styro-Grow boxes were invented to recycle insulated shipping/packing containers normally discarded into landfills or oceans. The plastic stands within our hoop houses were made from old nursery pots destined for the dump and our patent pending and trademarked “Living Salad Bars” repurpose old salad bars that other catering companies have no use for. Our planting cones are made from old plastic nursery pots! Several types of water lettuce and duckweed provide a nutritious meal to our fin- friendly team of approximately 1,000, as well as worms from our vermi-composting bins to provide a natural source of protein. No insecticides, pesticides, or chemically produced sprays are used at the farm. We believe in the theory that if you have healthy genetics in a healthy plant, you won’t have problems with pests, bugs or disease. We also feed the birds and the ground squirrels at the farm with bird food so they won’t freeload on our produce

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